How to claim your free care bag

As you might have read in our previous post and newsletter, we’re giving away free care bags with every purchase until march 16th. You might wonder, what is this care bag and how can I get one?

What is a care bag?

With making garments comes beautiful quality clothing, but also scraps that can easily find their way into the trash. Not at New Optimist, we try to repurpose every bit of fabric into our design process. This month we’ve made these scraps into beautiful care bags, completely in our colour block theme. Each care bag is unique in colour, as we had to work with the textile we had left over after cutting our patterns. The bags were made by Claudia, Erica and Soraya in our social atelier in Zaandam.

How can you get your care bag?

We give away a free care bag with each online and in store purchase until March 16th.

Online – Add any product to your shopping cart and the care bag will automatically be added to your purchase. You will receive a randomly selected care bag, the colour can therefor vary from the picture. If you do not want to receive a care bag, or already have one from a previous order, you can always remove the bag from your cart.

In store – Would you rather chose the colour of your care bag? You’re also more than welcome to stop by our atelier at the Bilderdijkstraat 113 in Amsterdam, to make your purchase and pick your favourite colour care bag.

Start shopping here to claim your free care bag!

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