Don’t waste waste

An important part of being a circular brand is to come up with ways to repurpose the inevitable waste that comes with making garments. The upcoming four weeks will be all about showing you this part of our journey. We even have a fun goodie to give away.

Let’s start with touching on what circularity means to us through our three circular design principles:

  1. Make products that don’t create waste or pollution
  2. Make durable products that last long
  3. Use recycled materials and achieve garment recyclability

Ideally, we would have no waste in the entire proces of making garments but the reality is a bit different. Each time we cut a pattern, there is some left over fabric that we can’t use to make an entire piece of clothing. Challenging ourselves to find a purpose for these little fabric scraps is always high on our list. For example, we’ve used these scraps to make our hangtags.

This month we wanted to do something special with our scraps and used any left overs to make a care bag. You can use this care bag to bring your garment home, store it safely in your closet or use it to store anything else you would think of. We have an amazing team who helps us cut and finalise every single piece. This care bag illustrates our circular design principles, love for making and ethical way of working.

We purposely don’t give discounts because we believe our garments, and the people who made them, are worth every cent of the price. However, we do like to give something extra every once in a while. That is why we are giving away a free care bag with each purchase until March 16th, both online and in store!

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